Sunday, July 18, 2010


I started writing on Blog since 2006. Didnt realised I haven't wrote for a long time. Fluf's neck is completely heal now but she is still needing shots at the vet for her hip joint regularly. Something bad happen in my country recently when a video posted on youtube on a case of dog abuse right on our grounds. The puppy resemble so much of Cocoa and I had been missing her for the past few days.

To make matters worst, I am walking down memory lane and also start to miss Bisou alot. Bisou is a white mini schnauzer. She is the sweetest lil pup and she has a clever stunt. She loves to run towards you from a distance and hop onto you on the sofa right on your lap. She was with me for 1 year until I had to rehome her due to a situation that is best for her. I feel I had failed her and perhaps I could have done more then. This is something I do not want to talk about much and had never post anything about her. However, I am feeling very strongly about Bisou now and really miss her sooooo much.

To my beloved Bisou, I still remember you and love you and is happy for you for the life you had now.

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