Saturday, January 13, 2018

Past years

Mummy had been so busy as her faith is restored. New opportunities in her job and had been working hard.  She spent time taking care for us as I develop congestive heart failure and mei mei had cushing disease.  That had left mummy feeling devastated.

That explains why no time for blogging.

I am critically ill again and fighting to live. I begin having difficulty in breathing and fainted twice! Once on 2 Jan and again on 19 Jan. I had diuretic shots done on 7 Jan and has increase dose of oral diuretic.

Another diuretic shot on 23 Jan and seems to breathe better now. I just gotta keep on fighting!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I started writing on Blog since 2006. Didnt realised I haven't wrote for a long time. Fluf's neck is completely heal now but she is still needing shots at the vet for her hip joint regularly. Something bad happen in my country recently when a video posted on youtube on a case of dog abuse right on our grounds. The puppy resemble so much of Cocoa and I had been missing her for the past few days.

To make matters worst, I am walking down memory lane and also start to miss Bisou alot. Bisou is a white mini schnauzer. She is the sweetest lil pup and she has a clever stunt. She loves to run towards you from a distance and hop onto you on the sofa right on your lap. She was with me for 1 year until I had to rehome her due to a situation that is best for her. I feel I had failed her and perhaps I could have done more then. This is something I do not want to talk about much and had never post anything about her. However, I am feeling very strongly about Bisou now and really miss her sooooo much.

To my beloved Bisou, I still remember you and love you and is happy for you for the life you had now.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank you Dr Edmund D.

When we were at CAS seeing Dr Edmund, mummy explain to him how I cried and immediately he explain to mummy that I had spinal related injury coz only such injury will cause doggies to cry the way I cried.

He then examine me thoroughly to make sure the diagnosis is correct. He get his staff to obtain my record from the other vet to make sure I have no other underling problem. He is careful, observant and experience.

Mummy heave a sign of relief to finally get to the root of my problem and that proper medication can be administered to me to relief me of my suffering.

Why we go to the other vet? Coz CAS if far for us and the other vet was near when we live. Mummy had decided that from now on, she will only come to CAS.

On another note, Dr Edmund had done an excellent surgery on Oreo previously saving her broken shoulder. It was so bad then that she might have to be amputated but he had done his best and save her leg.

Injury Part 2

On Mon night when mummy tries to put eye drop for me (I have dry eye), again I felt the pain that makes me cry again. Note, cry is loud wailing, not whimpering or whining. Again it send mummy into a frantic search trying to find where my pain is. after squeezing, pressing, she still can't get the spot where I am painful. Same goes for Tues night when she cradle me like a baby to put eye drops for me, I felt the pain again. Then again when she sat me on her lap and when she kisses my head, I whimper. Now she is guessing if I had knock my head agains the kerb when Porsche drag me. Mummy says a prayer for my healing and also for God to give her the wisdom to find out what is wrong with me. She hasn't been sleeping well coz she is so worry. I had never cried this way before. Not even had she heard Oreo cry this way when she broke her should into 3 pieces. She is SOOOOOOOOOO WORRIED.

On Wed nite after mummy's lesson, she went thru the same routine checking me and testing where I am painful. Then through her observation from the past few nights, she notice I had not been lifting my head up high the past few days. It went unnotice when I was recovering from anaesthesia but now she sees that I do not look at her with my head lifted up but just roll my eyes upwards to her. I had been walking around hanging my head low, I whimper when she exert force on my head when she kisses my crown. NOW At last! She knows I had injured either my neck or upper back.

She had decided not to go back to the vet that did my dental and not able to find out where my injury was. She decides to take me to CAS the next morning Thur or day after on Fri.

Injury Part 1

I was injured on 12 Dec in the morning prior going for my dental apppointment. I saw a cat and wanted to chase and play with it but Porsche was terrified by cat and was tugging our joint leash the other direction. Before mummy could see what happen, I felt a sharp pain and sat down immediately to cry!

I was crying so loudly that it freaks mummy out. She quickly check on me and unleash me to carry me while going to granny's place.

She decide to go on with the vet visit since she can get them to check my injury. When we were at the vet, she told the recept about my injury but the recept looks blank. So mummy also spoke to another obasan staff there and again... another blank look. Finally she speak to a vet technician. Guess what he ask? Not about my injury but if that means mummy want to have me get a consultation (means $$$ involve). Fine, so we wait while they take my blood sample since I need to have a blood test to see if I can do well on anaesthesia.

When comes the result and the consultation, apparently none of the staff told the vet about my injury. So the vet simply say that explain why 1 of my test result shows so high but still within safe range. It indicates liver as well as muscle, so that shows I have muscle trauma. He just briefly check my leg and body and say I'm ok. Then comes the $$$ question. If mummy willing to pay additional $ for me to have I/V drip during the process which will be safer since the indication of liver/muscle on the high side of safe range. Of course mummy will pay to make sure I am safe and what is best for me.

After the whole ordeal of dental scaling, mummy came to fetch me and I was so drowsy and does not want food or water. At 1 point of time when mummy carry me when at granny's place, I felt the pain again and I scream! Now that really makes mummy worry. She had almost sleepless night and praying that I will be better the next day which is a Sun.

On Sun night, when mummy was taking a shower, I kinda pulled my painful injury again and this time I send mummy running out from the shower to check on me while I cried loudly for almost a minute. She called the ER line of the vet and the clinic manager took the call. She told mummy to check me step by step and was quite adamant that I am fine, probably thinking mummy over-reacted. Mummy wants to send me to the vet the next morning and was told to bring me after 10am,

When mummy was there on Mon morn, the clinic manager says she told mummy that the vets are engaged in procedure and no time to see me. Then she ask mummy to leave me there so she ccan help to observe me. Mummy was angry and told her that she brought me there to be seen by a vet and not to be observe by a non medically train staff!

Oh well, we get to see the vet eventually and still he can't find what is wrong with me. Mummy have to ask for painkiller for me for "just in case". He think that I probably just recovering from anaesthesia and more irritable and grouchy and that he find no problem.

What to do? I wish I could talk and tell mummy where I am hurting!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More sad news

Mummy had been busy and that means we do not have much chance to write on our blog. However, today is different. We are allowed to write about how we misses Ricky. I met Ricky once when I was at uncle S’s shop. Before that, only Bisou met him when he was at Aunt K’s shelter. Ricky was found by Aunt K (another aunt K). Ricky’s owner isn’t bother about him and only gave him some crackers as meals in a bowl that some cockroaches crawl. Aunt K had kept a close eye on Ricky to make sure he is not treated badly. To her, neglect is also a form of abuse. Ricky wasn’t taken care of and had matt all over his body. He was pretty scrawny then.


It went on for awhile until Aunt K couldn’t take it anymore and approached Ricky’s owner to ask if he want to give up Ricky since he isn’t interested to take care of Ricky. That is how eventually Ricky ended up with us. Aunt K couldn’t keep him at home for a long time and eventually Ricky went to stay at Aunt K’s shelter. There he charmed all the volunteers and even the volunteer next door. Yes, the other volunteer next door was uncle S. Uncle S grew so fond of Ricky that he decided to adopt Ricky. Ricky is very fortunate to have uncle S take care of him until recently, on 10th Nov 2009, Ricky had gone to the rainbow bridge due to old age.


We will all miss him.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

More updates

A quick snap shot like now...

Chinese New Year, me and my Ang Bao

Mummy had been so busy

Oh my, have not notice that it has been so long since we last visit our blog or even to update it.

A quick update on porsche makeover

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm going to have a makeover

I will be going for a makeover. Mummy had no time to manage my long coat...*sniff*
Gran and aunt has protest and against my to be makeover. But no choice, it takes up a lot of time to brush me daily, bath and blow dry on wkends. Mummy had something very important to do. It is very bad time now she tells me. She need to work extra hard to be able to continue to provide for us. I am a big gal now, have to be more understanding.

She had showed me the poster of how my makeover would most likely be... I am worried how it will turn out. Mummy promise me that it will be for awhile and once she had completed her studies, she will let me keep my long flowy hair again.

I just want to tell mummy that I love you and I will be a understanding and good girl. I will get use to the new haircut soon. Godma promise to take me swimming when I have my short coat. It's a win win situation :) Let's do it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hartz Victims . Org

Mummy realised the absorption of this flea and tick drop was kind of slow or it is too oily.  Our back is still soaking wet this morning and she had to use tissue to dab a whole lot off us.  She just didn’t feel right about this product and is kinda worry.  We will both relate what happen today. Mummy google for more info on Hartz products today and found this website  as well as some other reviews regarding this product.


When mummy read about one dog had reaction 3 weeks after the application which may or may not be from this product but it is enough to freak mummy out this time.  She had to get my 2 cousins to come fetch us from home to go to grandma and to monitor if there is any adverse reaction from us.  By early afternoon, mummy just couldn’t sit and wait till evening to check if we are alright.  She called home to get my 2 cousins to rinse us thoroughly hoping this will prevent more penetration of this flea & tick drop.


Since not much of this info is available here in Singapore.  We hope that the above websites serve some info for those who want to check.  Keeping our paws cross that we will be fine.


Nasty Tick hitch a ride and fed on Porsche

My cousin JY found a tick on me and manage to get it off me with a tweezer.  She got grandma to keep the tick to confirm with mummy when she is home.  I guess it is a tick alright coz mummy freak out when she saw the corpse.  Long before I came to this home, mummy had a huge and long battle with ticks and jie jie even caught a tick fever back then. It isn’t something she will handle lightly. She check us thoroughly to make sure there isn’t another one hiding somewhere.


The next morning, mummy wanted to put Frontline on us and the shop near our place (not our regular petshop) was out of Frontline. Mummy doesn’t have the habit of putting these stuffs on us cause they…afterall are toxic.  She doesn’t trust these unless it is for desperate measures. This shop recommended Hartz Flea & Tick 3 in 1 and provide some info which convinced mummy.  She applied that on us to help us prevent any possible runaway ticks that might harm us.


Just to be on the safe side, she didn’t forget to check on internet if there are more info about Hartz but didn’t find much on Y search.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dental moment

Gnaw gnaw gnaw gnawwwww gnaaaaaaaaaaawwww grrrrh gnaaaaw hmmmmr gnawwww :)

sniff sniff... tiny bite... nibble nibble nibb nibb

Friday, September 19, 2008

Party Dress for the Halloweeeeeeeeeen

Mummy got these pixs from a friend and decides to show us. We think they
are kinda cute and is sharing here with whoever stops by.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mummy forgot my Birthday!!!!

I had been waiting and expecting some yummy treats from mummy right from the morning on 9th Sep. She went about her daily routine getting ready for work and I was following her everywhere around the house.  I’m sure I hint, signal and wink at her trying my very best to remind her that it’s my birthday….but but but… she left the house with some flying kisses. That’s ALL!


Ok ok, I’ll be patient and I’ll wait.  


She came home finally… feed us… nothing special… she didn’t bring anything back for me??? WHY!!!! Why ji jie’s birthday got fireworks!!! I dun hv fireworks, no treats, no eggs…no nothing… ;(

Then she start to do her exercise. I am so unhappy, I just sprawl on the floor and she didn’t even realize that I dun even go up on the sofa to lie down as usual.  I am silently protesting… continue my SPRAWL on the floor.


10pm, 2hrs before my birthday is over and she had not remember or realized it’s my birthday. Then finally she squeal and cupped my face in her hands and start kissing me. She apologized and hurried out of the room.  I ran after her and there she is, standing near the kitchen opening our cookie jar!  Yippee!!! She finally remember! Mummy said a Birthday prayer for me just like the way she did it for jie jie.  Finally… mummy remembers my 4th BIRDDAY.  I can go to bed now…. YAWN (*O*)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aunty Lamb Lamb

Recently we had a new member at home.  I think her name is lamb lamb.  Why lamb lamb?  I don’t know, I keep hearing her say lamb lamb mei… I guess the lamb makes the noise “meeeeei”.  Jie Jie Fluffy isn’t quite used to her the 1st few days but I think she is now getting used to her.  As for me, I just want to remember how aunty lamb lamb smell & taste like and I want to go sniff her room but she has ever so sharp eyes and always catch me sneaking into her room.  Hmmmm that makes me even want to go investigate her room more.  I thought I smell something yummy in her room, she must be hiding some really good cookies in there.  I must come up with a plan if jie jie will co-operate with me.  We can distract her and then sneak into her room…. Hehehe voila!


For us now, other than looking forward to mummy’s return home, we also look forward to aunty lamb lamb coming home.  Mummy had been saying we are making lotsa noise and barking for no reason whenever we hear a sound outside the door. We just want to say, it is always nice to have more humans at home to keep us company and throw that toy for us to fetch. An extra pair of hands to rub our tum tum. heeeeeee


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poor dogs wait for death in China butchery

Cruelty comes in many forms and this is something which is so unbearable. We feel very sorry and sad for these doggies. Mummy had been cursing this few days after she saw this news.  We thought we will blog here to let people know what some of our fellow canines are suffering. We are so fortunate to be loved.  We do not want to create hatred here but if you know of any friend who had exotic taste for our flesh, please tell them not to eat us.

Article (Title: Poor dogs wait for death in China butchery)
Please click on the following link to view the full article: View Article


Saturday, July 05, 2008

I love the wind blowing in my hair

My usual wkend bath will leave me smelling yummilicious, cuddly and pretty. I love feeling the air blowing on my long flowy hair...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Angel flew home

I wasn't expecting this. It's like any regular work day. I know it is quite as hard for K to break the news to me. It will never be easy for any of us who had love Cocoa dearly to accept what that has now become cruel reality.

Cocoa had gone to the rainbow bridge, so sudden... I do not even know how to describe my feeling at that moment. I was in shocked... I am in the office and I am crying. This special baby wasn't my dog but she is like one of mine. My Fluffy grew up under the shadow of her wings. She is the 1st dog that I ever get to know before I get Fluffy.

There are so many things I wish I had done for Cocoa before she's gone. I miss her so much. I grief because my lil angel had gone home. Every corner I turn at home, I see her. The usual spot she lies while waiting for us to return home. The blue bowl that was use to raise her food bowl sits there in the kitchen. Images of her golden brown fur and her innocent eyes.
But I will rejoice that I will see her again one day. All Dog Goes to HEAVEN. I want to see her there wagging her tail welcoming me at heaven's gate. Rest in Peace, sweet baby. You will be dearly missed.
In loving memory of Cocoa 1st Oct 1993 - 22nd Mar 2008

Bye Bye Jie Jie Dearest

Sky had never appeared to be so grey to me as today when I received news about you my dearest jie jie. Suddenly I felt so unwell like a huge stone had choked in my throat and my heart aches as my eyes began to rain. I never knew I had missed you so much until now. It breaks my heart to know that you are gone.

Mummy had told me that God had given them a mansion, a place in heaven, I am suppose to wait for mummy at the mansion the day I go to rainbow bridge. I had to make my way to mummy’s mansion and wait for her there till the day we reconciled. Would you please, do the same and wait there till the day comes when I can play again with you.

I remember the day you came to the petshop to help choose me. I’ve been following you around since. The fun time we had running in the park and swimming at the beach. The rain dance we will do when we refused to go places that our m will take us to. Each time I see the fireworks from grandma’s house, I think of you. I will bark at the fireworks and wish they go away because you are afraid of the loud noises they made which sounded like thunder. M had stopped baking since the day you left for YVR, we had not had a cake a long time. We will have that again soon, in remembrance of you. Silly Porsche is “dazey” and do not know what is going on. She didn’t had much time to get to know you but I’m sure she loves you too coz you too had help to choose her as my companion. I can only dream of you now till the day we meet again.

Wuv wuv my dearest Jie Jie Cocoa